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This is a list of the Macs currently in my collection (pictures to be uploaded soon)

Mac Pro (Original Model)

My main desktop these days. It originally had 8 GB of DDR2 total and a 250 GB HDD and the stock GPU

Current Specs:

2x2.66 GHz dual core Xeons

32 GB DDR2 in the form of 8 4 GB 667 MHz FBDIMMs

500 GB WD Blue SSD

3 TB Toshiba HDD

Asus GTX 950 2 GB (White Shroud)

PowerMac G5 2.0 DP (June 2004)

MacBook (Mid-2007)

Both machines were recieved at the same time.

The MacBook had a 500 GB HDD installed upon recieving it.

The G5 was not working upon recieving it. Was the only Mac I had serviced by DNA Computers here in Kettering, Ohio as I lacked the space and experience to disassemble and repair it.

Both now have SSD's installed

eMac G4 (1.25 Ghz, Mid 2004)

Was a DNA Computers find, 20 bucks got me this machine.

Had a borked install of Panther I think upon testing while there.

Currently in storage because I lack space to have both my G3 and it out at the same time

Right speaker doesn't work properly or is damaged

iMac G3 (Summer 2001)

Goodwill find. Works perfectly and is all original.

Eventually I am going to upgrade it to an SSD, as I notice the original HDD being kinda slow

MacBook (Late-2007)

Was a freebie from an old friend of mine

Control key doesn't work

Refuses to boot with 800 MHz DDR2

Had 160 GB hard drive installed upon recieving it

Now has an SSD installed