I'm a budding YouTuber whose into technology, computers, music, movies among other things. I was introduced to computers and videogames at a young age, having experienced the Mac at school and the PC at home in terms of computers, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Sony PlayStation in terms of videogame consoles. I later acquired a Gameboy color, a system I still have almost 21 years later (minus the pesky battery cover!). The Nintendo 64 was the system that fully introduced me to Nintendo, being my first Nintendo console I'd ever own. It ironically died around the GameCube's release due to 5 year old me blowing into the cartridge to make the games I had work. I still am aiming to do what Nintendo won't, once emulation on the Pi 3 gets good enough to run most of the N64's library. This project, I've dubbed N64Pi, which is a project to make an Nintendo 64 Classic when Nintendo won't. This wouldn't include ROM's of course, but rom hacks would be relatively okay in my view of legality as long as references to Nintendo are removed entirely.

I started the channel unofficially in 2012 as ComputerJunkie2013, signifying that I would start the channel the following summer. 7 years (and a rebrand later as The Retro Review) I am somewhat successful, having reached 100 subscribers relatively recently. I have since started collecting Macs, and currently have 7 in total.

I am currently studying Computer Networking at Clark State Community College, a program that is in my wheelhouse even though I'm more of a hardware buff. I am currently wrapping up my associates at this time. This line will change once I ideally transfer to Sinclair or Wright State University to wrap up my major.

This site was initially developed using the last release of DreamWeaver by Macromedia, thus the simplicity it initially had. It then recieved tweaks and small additions from other websites that host free CSS and HTML

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